OLAF is working on a new project to continue the support for Digital Forensic and Analysis Trainings (DFAT) for EU-LEAs, funded by Hercule III programme.


For 2018,
- a one week session 1 with 7 Specialised Topics courses should take place 21-26 October in Tallinn and
- a two weeks session 2 with one Basic class and 4 Specialized Topics courses is foreseen to be organized 3-14 December (but dates and location are still not confirmed).

Be aware that the current website «olaf.foi.hr» will NOT be used for online registration this year.

A NEW web platform will be setup to register for the new OLAF DFAT sessions 2018.
Your line manager will be informed very soon to send the list of candidates for 2018.


For any request or question please contact OLAF unit C3 via the functional mailbox: olaf-fmb-forensictraining@ec.europa.eu.

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